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WK Financial Ltd. Stratford, ON

Brand Objectives

  • Having a brand that speaks to businesses and their families.

  • Creating a unique brand that the team could be proud of.

  • Developing a strong name in the community.

  • Helping prospects find the office which originally, was hard to find.

  • Creating tools to support the advisors in communicating their value.

The Result

  • We created a compelling story that communicates the importance of family values.

  • We designed an original corporate identity and a brand guidelines document to help the WK team powerfully communicate their story and value.

  • We developed a mascot/symbol, a refurbished 18th century blue door, which is now at the front entrance. It is also used in marketing materials as a symbol representing traditional family values and the place to “enter and begin” with financial planning.

  • WK Financial office is now a landmark in their town and easy to find. People often stop and take pictures of the door.

  • Prospects have no issues finding the location and are also intrigued by the brand and what it stands for.

  • WK has become much more referable and focused on their marketing initiatives.

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