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Why is the program called MasterPoint™?


The founders of the branding program, at The Personal Coach, came up with this name for two main reasons. We help you discover and build a comprehensive brand that is unique to your business so you can 1. build your business and 2. focus on working with more of your best clients.

If you are successfully growing your business you have "Mastered" your craft, showing great skill and proficiency. You become the Master of your brand. We also help you achieve focus. A sharpened approach "Point" to your communication, keeps you focused on ideal clients. That is MasterPoint.

How are you going to make my business stand out from other businesses that provide the same services? 

When branding, we aren't looking at services but rather on you and your advisory team. Everyone has an original and unique brand to be discovered because everyone is different and original. A business is like a person.

What if I skip Branding and just want TouchPoints?

We do our best TouchPoint work with clients who start with the branding program or with clients who already have an effective brand in place. Without a brand, there is little to no direction on how to create your TouchPoints. This is why so many advisors find that their marketing strategy is not effective. Building your brand first is a smart investment. Otherwise, you will likely blend into the crowded marketplace.

Why are you different from other Branding companies? 

Everything we do is customized. The fees are quoted based on your objectives and your vision. We also understand the financial services business and other "relationship businesses." You don't have to waste your time educating us on how your business works. 

How long does it take?

Usually it takes 6-weeks to 3 months to complete the Branding Program. Then, TouchPoints can we completed within a few weeks to a few months. Some clients continue to come back and do more TouchPoints and we work with them for several years.  

What type of clients do you work with?

We do our best work with advisors who:

  • Have an established business.

  • Have a vision and want to grow.

  • Treat us as if we are part of their team.

  • Believe in the impact of powerful branding.

  • Are engaged in the process but leave the "heavy lifting" to us. 


Do you provide branding for businesses outside of the financial services industry?

Many of our advisor clients have clients that are business owners that are also looking for branding support. Most of what we do works for any type of "relationship" business.  We also help: 

  • Accountants

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Land Developers

  • Technology Firms

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