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The World of Branding & TouchPoint Design

Once Your Brand is complete...


We will provide you with your Brand Guidelines document, which will:

  • Include logo, slogan, descriptor and corporate images

  • Provide you with answers to important questions your prospects may ask

  • Provide documentation to use for your marketing meetings

  • Help train your team to be on brand and give them tools to keep focused

  • Allow you to educate new or potential hires on the personality of your business

  • Provide a guide to help you build consistent marketing TouchPoints

  • Educate designers you may utilize in decor, graphics, web, social media and print

  • Help when planning events or seminars

  • Be compliant with your provider

What is A TouchPoint?

Advisor services are intangible. Despite this, it is essential for services to include tangible properties. TouchPoints are points of contact between your clients, prospects and your business. These points are communicated through senses (i.e. eyes, touch, smell and sound) and help the brain to decipher information. A TouchPoint can be a website or a welcome package but it can also go much deeper. For example, consider your voicemail script, how your receptionist answers the phone or your email signature.


The overall brand, in every aspect of your business, needs to be consistent and clear. Our team believes every TouchPoint designed must be customized to reflect the unique value of your business.


One of the biggest obstacles advisors face today is compliance. Each dealer has specific brand styles and guidelines and many advisors find the brand compliance process confusing and frustrating. Our team works with compliance and works within your dealer's guidelines. We communicate directly with your dealer's marketing department so you don't have to. In other words, you can consider us part of your team - your
branding and marketing department! 

TouchPoint Strategy

Whether you already have a brand in place or you develop your unique brand with the MasterPoint Branding team, the next step is to develop a TouchPoint Strategy list based on your budget and timeline. This helps you plan your path to success, measure your results and most of all, maintain a consistent brand message. Our MasterPoint team will help you design and create content based on your brand guidelines document.


TouchPoints fall into 4 categories:

  • First Impressions

  • Digital Marketing Experience

  • Visibility & Relevancy Strategies

  • Client Focused Connections


TouchPoints include design as well as content creation. Examples of TouchPoints include:

  • Stationery

  • Presentation Folder

  • PowerPoint Design

  • Websites Design & Content

  • E-Campaigns

  • Videos - Corporate and Education

  • Podcasts

  • Social Media Strategy & Management

  • Sign Design

  • Client Reports

  • Sign Design

  • Newsletters

  • Client Cards - birthday, special holidays, announcements

 name a few.

*Please note that TouchPoint fees are not a part of the MasterPoint Branding Program. They are developed afterwards and will be billed separately.

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