Humans are 80% Emotional and 20% Rational

Making Human Emotion the Principal Currency of Today.

How it Works...

            You are an advisor helping people with wealth, security and their future vision. You are also a business owner who aspires to build a great practice. How can the MasterPoint™ Brand Program support you and your business? 

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Our branding team understands the nuances of the financial world and the science behind branding and marketing communication. Humans are 80% emotional and 20% rational making human emotion the principal currency of today.


Start with Your Compelling Brand Story


History has proven that a great story is shared over and over again. The objective of your compelling brand story is to enhance your team’s confidence in communicating your value and unique message. By determining why you do what you do, we uncover the passion and personality of your business to emotionally inspire and engage your ideal prospects to do business with you and stay loyal.

Build Your Brand


You story also becomes a valuable tool to help your existing clients and centres of influence effectively communicate your value to others who are like-minded. Your compelling story will become the foundation to help you build an original, powerful brand that is incorporated into all of your marketing TouchPoints.

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Create Your TouchPoints

We take the same approach as you do with your clients - a strategic one. Just as you advise your clients to look at their whole plan rather than individual products, we focus on building your brand before creating individual marketing TouchPoints. Marketing materials are the second step.


At the same time, many advisors only require help with TouchPoints as they already have a unique brand in place. They often come to us for building a website, creating a brochure, developing a digital marketing strategy, etc. We are more than happy to help with all your TouchPoints.

We are often asked, "Do you provide branding for businesses outside of the financial services industry?" Many of our advisor clients have clients that are business owners that are looking for branding support. MasterPoint has been very successful for advisors across Canada and much of what we do works for any type of "relationship" business. 

Some businesses we've supported with branding:

  • Accountants

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Land Developers

  • Technology Firms

If you are an advisor or business owner, The MasterPoint™ Program helps you create a compelling brand that works.