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Client Stories

A few words from our biggest fans...

Blue Whale Financial Solutions

Advisor Joe Moffatt, discusses the origin of his brand in our TPC Generator Workshop held in Mississauga.

Joe Moffat

Our brand has been a great success to our organization as a whole. It has elevated everyone's excitement for the business in general! There is an entire new focus and purpose, which we (the Blue Whale team) carry with us each and every day as we work with our clients to help them achieve their own Blue Whale story. With respect to myself, I believe there are milestones every business owner surpasses which create defining moments in their entrepreneurial career....the branding of Blue Whale was far more than a marketing and promotional strategy. It liberated my inner feelings of why I do what I do and how I believe I can help others...this truly is a defining moment in my professional career.


The ideas have been with anything new there is an increased awareness as to how we can share this incredible story (business) with as many people as possible. To date, we have changed our interior and exterior decor, we have donated significantly within our community, we have engaged in billboard advertisements, newspaper articles, radio advertisements....etc. In addition to this, and likely more importantly, Blue Whale and the history within the name has defined our working culture and our objectives with each and every client. It has in essence become the very purpose of our days!

We have experienced many questions regarding how we came to Blue Whale. This has provided us the opportunity to share the Blue Whale story! Once we share the story, there is an incredible amount of support and loyalty that forms within the relationship.


We have experienced very similar reactions from prospective clients as well. There is a lot of pride in what we have done and we look forward to big things ahead. It truly is "The Start of Something Big!" A big thank you to Fortunato and the entire Personal Coach Team!

Gallery Wealth Management

Morden, MB

Advisor Reg Braun, discusses the origin of his brand with MasterPoint Founder Fortunato Restagno.

WK Financial

Fortunato Restagno, the founder of MasterPoint, discusses the impact of branding and marketing with Financial Advisor of WK Financial, Jeff Keller.

ClearRock Financial

Elmira, ON


Fortunato Restagno discusses the impact of branding and marketing with ClearRock Financial's Mark Wemp.

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