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ClearRock Financial Elmira, ON

Brand Objectives

  • Developing a compelling company name and brand identity.

  • Having a team that is able to communicate their unique value.

  • Communicating how the firm does business only in the best interests of their clients.

  • Articulating the importance of a comprehensive financial plan vs. isolated pieces.

The Result

  • We created a compelling story and corporate identity focused around a 6-sided crystal to communicate their open and transparent relationship with clients. At the same time, it helped communicate their solid and dependable solutions.

  • We developed their business personality traits, which is the foundation for their brand language.

  • A brand guidelines document was established to keep the team and their marketing strategies on track.

  • We created tools that speak to their ideal client and the importance of the integration of all their services.

  • Combined with business and brand coaching, the ClearRock team now has more confidence, focus and is growing their business in the right direction.

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