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Once Upon a Time…

There was an advisor who began to seek a better way of doing business. They were exceptional at what they did. Nevertheless, whenever they attempted to communicate their expertise to potential clients, it mirrored the same message as all the other passionate advisors.


They tried multiple communication tactics like a website, brochures and social media to let the world know of their existence. They spent excessive amounts of time and energy in developing their vision of prosperity and success but over time, reality sunk in: their expectations of engaged clients gathering at their castle would not come true. The only outcome was a feeling of loss, frustration and despair...

What was it all for?  Does this sound like your story?

Look no further to begin developing your unique brand and Compelling Story.

Branding is not about getting your prospect to select you over the competition. It is about getting your prospect to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need.


Are you exceptional at what you do but struggle to communicate your expertise to prospects?

Does your message sound the same as many other determined advisors?

The MasterPoint™ Program helps advisors create a compelling brand that works.

Take A Peak

Here is a brand "quick look" at some of our most recent brand launches. If you want to see more detailed branding work, head over to the Portfolios.

MasterPoint The Personal Coach

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Everyone has a story.

The challenging part is uncovering it.   

Branding has become a key component for supporting the success of advisory businesses. In an ever-changing industry and a crowded marketplace, advisors have had to rethink how to communicate their value and differentiate themselves.


With so many options out there, advisors need to develop a brand that clients and prospects connect to - emotionally. Why? Because it has been scientifically proven that the majority of consumer decision making is based on emotion. 

Branding your business alone can be tough - that's where we come in!

Branding is not about getting your prospect to select you over the competition. It is about helping your prospect to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need. And, if the prospect already has an advisor, it certainly helps to make sure you are the #1 second choice if the time comes where they decide to switch.


If you struggle to communicate your value or feel like your message sounds like every other advisor, you are not alone.  


We help you discover and build a comprehensive brand that is unique to your business so you can build your business and focus on working with more of your best clients. Let's get started by booking a Complimentary Call to learn more about your business, explain how the MasterPoint Branding Program works and show you samples of the work we have done. 

We love what we do.

We love sharing it too.

Many of our wonderful clients grant us permission to share some of the work we have done together. 

As visual people ourselves, we appreciate how important examples are. Particularly, if you are unsure about what marketing materials you want to implement once you have launched your new brand. 


 To see more, head over to our Portfolio.

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